MECOPTERA mit Fahrgestell mit Grün 02.

  • DIY ZMR250 frame
  • wheelbase: 250mm
  • FC: PixRacer with PX4, 4 motors EMAX RS2205 2300kv
  • PDB: AUAV Power Module (ACSP4)
  • RX: FrSKY X4R via SBus
  • camera, 5,8GHz TX
  • cloverleaf arial
  • 200 x 240 x 180mm (L x W x H), 950g
  • carbon, platic foam, circuit board
  • S3 lipo: 11,1 V, 2400 mAh 45C
  • approx. 6 min flight time
  • mods: Arduino motor board with gound wheels, RC PWM controlled by right stick, Chinese logo, LED strip



more flying mods videos

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