Flying Dice

Flying Dice 02

  • DIY TAROT Ironman 680 frame
  • wheelbase: 680mm
  • FC TAROT ZYX-M, OSD module, GPS
  • 6 motors EMAX MT2212II, 4 20A BECs
  • 2-Axis BGC gimbal V.2.2, BlackBird 2 stereo camera
  • 5,8GHz TX, cloverleaf arial
  • 680 x 300mm (Ø x H), 1400g
  • carbon, Polyolefin foam
  • 4S lipo: 14,8 V 3800 mAh
  • approx. 18 min. flight time
  • mods:
    articulated artist hand

Flying Dice

more flying mods videos

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