BlondieSwing 10

  • RTF BLADE Chroma ST10+
  • wheelbase: 400mm
  • FC BLADE (ARM-CORTEX M4 based, the same as in the BLADE 350 QX),
  • Yuneec ST10+ Transmitter
  • plastic, 325 x 325 x 242mm (L x W x H), 1.300g
  • 3S lipo 6,300 mAh
  • approx. 18 min flight time
  • mods:
    BlackBird 2 stereo camera instead of Hero 3 action cam, plastic tubes and films, plastic girl puppet with long, blond hair on a plastic swing.

DJI Spark videos BlondieSwing play button
BlondieSwing 09
BlondieSwing 03 censored klein
BlondieSwing 02BlondieSwing 05
BlondieSwing 04

more flying mods videos

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