flying mods – kinetic poesy

designed and custom-built by

Jan Holthusen

TriRaven backlit 03

My Calling

It is about time, considering the large popularity of trends such as DIY, hobby, maker and modding, that multicopters are also caught up by them. A lot more can be done with the countless seldom flown and deadly boring quadrocopters in hobby basements and high up on boys wardrobes.
Let us fashion the hobby drone colourful and imaginative, so that the commercial drones, that soon will crowd our skies, do not alarm and frighten us, but delight and create happiness.

flying mods unite opposites

wild fantasy    pure logic

crazy kitsch    rationality

candy camp    technology

creativity    formulas

Chameleon mit play button

DIY multicopter customising through camouflage

defining terms

flying [‘flaiiŋ] adj  –  moving or capable of moving in the air; to be a hit.

mod [m(ɒ)d] n  –  modification; modified; individualised industrial design with the goal, to broaden its funktional range, change the appearance.

modding [mɔdɪŋ] v   –  make modifications to; modify; to individualise industrial (technical) design (game, software) by own,  modified design elements.

modelling n   –  making three-dimensional models.

modification [m(ɒ)difiˈkeiʃən] n  –  modifying something; the result of such a change.

customising [ˈkʌstəmɪsɪŋ] v  –  to modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task; to build, fit, or alter according to individual specifications.

DIY (= do-it-yourself)  –  hobby; the activity of decorating, building, and making repairs by oneself.

camouflage [ˈkæməflɑːʒ; -mu-] n  –  concealment by means of disguise; actions or devices intended to disguise or mislead.

more flying mods videos

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