TriRaven backlit 03

  • DIY-kit HJ-Y3 Tricopter
  • wheelbase: 300mm
  • FC: Pixracer PX4 Pro (PIXHAWK compatibel)
  • 3 motors 2216 KV810-1250
  • glass carbon fiber, 560x800x140 (L x W x H), 750g
  • mods: 2 servo motors, LED strip
    feathers, plastic, mouth organ, Origami paper, plastic ruler, wire

TriAngel-Pticon-Mestre 09 freigestellt klein

TriAngel-Pticon-Mestre 05 kleinTriAngel-Pticon-Mestre 04 kleinTriAngel-Pticon-Mestre 03 klein

TriAngel-Pticon-Mestre 02 kleinTriAngel-Pticon-Mestre 01 klein

more flying mods videos

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