maker faires – extra-terrestrial sites

If the ideas of Ridley Scott live on in the design of objects, it is surely in the flying mods exhibited at the Maker Faires of Frankfurt and Berlin by Jan Holthusen’s post-technology multicopter meditations.
He has created visually extraordinarily exciting objects, composed simply of multicopter frames (“ReadyToFly”, “DIY kits” or “self-designed”) and artisticly fascinating ideas to transport the many possible interpretations of the design of the drones of the future.

Awarded “Maker of Merit” at the Maker Faire Berlin 2017

flying mods exhibits 2017

at the Mini Maker Faire alongside the DCL Race Finals, STATION Berlin, December 2017


at Mini Maker Faire in the Thalia book store, Hamburg, October 2017

at the Maker Faire Berlin, June 2017

at the MAKE Rhein-Main, Frankfurt March 2017

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